Jesse McCartney feat. T-Pain - Body Language [official remix]

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Who: Jesse McCartney feat. T-Pain
What: Body Language [official remix]

T-Pain joins Jesse McCartney on the official remix of the young artist's current single, Body Language.
Again with auto-tune, the rapper turns this one into a nice mixture of pop & hip-hop, which will most probably get Jesse some airplay on the Urban radio stations.

The sound McCartney is delivering lately is kinda like a breath of fresh air on the current music scene, making his music very listenable and quite enjoyable. Deff waiting for more from him and after the eventual video release for this single I'm hoping he'll be out with a new album, as good as his latest.

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  1. Anonim 3 mai 2009, 04:27
    really love it!!!!!!!!!!

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