Jesse McCartney - Body Language [new single]

Category: By Mircea
Who: Jesse McCartney
What: Body Language [new single]
Album: Departure: Recharged

Jesse McCartney re-released his 3rd studio album under the name 'Departure: Recharged' on April 7th. His 4th overall single and the first one pulled off this new edition has already been anounced and it's going to be Body Language.
Nothing new about the song, meaning it's Jesse's style, that made him famous. Still, I can't stop listening to it because of the catchy backing track. He described this song as 'Leavin part 2'... he might be right. 'Leavin' posted Jesse on the Billboard top spots, so maybe this will be another lucky break, after his previous 2 single didn't quite start a buzz, as expected.

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