Jamie Foxx feat. Timbaland - I Don't Need It [new single]

Category: , By Mircea
Who: Jamie Foxx feat. Timbaland
What: I Don't Need It [new single]
Album: Intuition

Jamie Foxx has decided to release this Timbaland produced track, I Don't Need It, as his 4th single. The first three choices didn't enjoy such a huge succes in mainstream, his best achievement being spot no. 5 on Billboard Hot 100 with 'Blame It', but he kinda played it right in the Hip Hop/R&B zone, with 'Intuition' reaching number one; I'm hoping that he'll do better this time around.
I'm not blown away at all, I was expecting a little bit more than those typical and immortal Timbo beats. After a few listens it grows, but I'm waiting for the vid to come out to see if makes the track a better listening tune.

Hate it or Love it?


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