Ciara 'Fantasy Ride' - Album Preview

Category: By Mircea
Amazon offers us an exclusive preview of Ciara's upcoming LP, 'Fantasy Ride', out May 5th!! After listening a few seconds from each track on this album, I'm very bummed as to why they kept the good and the best stuff for the end and put out so weak promoting tracks, which wouldn't, in anyway, do justice to how good the material is. I mean, there are some very sick beats here, and CiCi might strike gold with this one, but only with a fair single choice.
There are some tracks like 'Work (feat. Missy Elliott)', this 'Promise'-like 'Tell Me What Your Name Is' and the previously leaked 'G Is For Girl (A-Z)' that deff deserve every bit of attention. And don't even get me started on each other song off this album, 'cause I deff have tons of good stuff to say!

Go get'em, CiCi!

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