100 'Single Ladies' take London by Surprise

Category: By Mircea

100 ladies (most of them single... lol) took downtown London by surprise when, at the sound of a whistle blow, they stripped down and performed Bee's by now iconic and almost-too-famous 'Single Ladies' dance routine, which is taking the web world by storm even though it's been a few months since it came out.

The meaning of this innovative campaign was to inform people about the free concert that Beyonce will be holding at the infamous O2 arena in November. It's going to bee a free gig and since the whole thing was sponsored by Trident, the only assignemt one should fulfill to get a chance at entering the concert is to buy a pack of Trident Gum. (Contest open only for UK residents).

Ok... leaving aside the contest, I have to say I am pleasantly suprised by this kind of promotion. I find this whole dance routine idea truly outstanding and it really got everyone's attention through it's spectacle and huge number of participants in perfect sync. The part I loved the most is when all the girls take off at the end like nothing happened 'til then... lol. Let's have some more moments like this!

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