Lady GaGa covers 'Viva La Vida' (Coldplay)

Category: By Mircea

Lady GaGa is currently promoting her material throughout Europe and after many live performances of 'Poker Face' in England & Germany she stopped by a radio station in the UK at the beginning of this week, where she offered her own rendition of Coldplay's 2008 smash hit, 'Viva La Vida'.

What a nice performance that was... I really didn't expect her to do so well. When she messed up the lyrics she had the ability to come out of that just perfect, like a true artist and simply went on with the song. I'm already used to her non-sense screaming while performing and although I really don't dig the outfit she sported at the show, I'm trying to only listen to the performance. And exactly like she said: 'otherwise it's a good job'; you're damn right...

Hate it or Love it?

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