Rihanna & Chris Brown - Back Together!

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Why am I not surprised at all? This was meant to happen. Things like this take place every single day and no one even gives a damn about it. But because it involves famous people, a big fuss started.
Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen hanging in the same place: Miami. They are both supposedly spending their time in one of Diddy's cribs. Just yesterday, Chris was spotted jet-skiing. And even though Rihanna was nowhere in site, her staff was there having the best time of their lives. If this doesn't work for you..even her father, Mr. Fenty, said he would support his daughter in her life, even if the decision is getting back with Chris...I rest my case. And, she officially didn't press any charges!
So, to end this non-sense..I'm happy this turned out good for them. After all, it was an alleged assault, so still no one knows 100% sure if Chris had beaten Rihanna up. I keep hearing this crazy stuff..fans around the world have deleted CB music because of this and are supporting Rihanna by buying for album...are you kidding me?!?! 'Oh..the poor girl has a fat lip...what should we do? Hey I know! Let's buy her album and cry for her while we listen to 'Umbrella'!' And besides this, Chris Brown is nowhere to be seen in charts. Judge the character, not the music..he is a one of a kind guy on today's music scene!

Ah...congrats you 2 for solving your problems and getting back together!
It really shows that they are a strong couple, with the power to get over anything that should stand between them!


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