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America Online published a list of pop songs that have been rejected by some celebs, only to get recorded by other singers and become huge hits! The list is somewhat great, considering the names we find there, so that's why I decided to share this with you. Down low you have the top 10 known pop hits rejections and the ones who made them sell big time!

10. Chris Brown -> Rihanna ('Disturbia')
Poor choice of names..lol. Incredible...'Disturbia' was actually a track ment for the re-release of Chris' 'Exclusive', but looks like the female Rihanna-version sounded better. Ah..the things you do for love...

9. Kylie Minogue -> Britney Spears ('Toxic')
Now that they've mentioned it, I really see Kylie sing this! Oh why Kylie..why did you refuse something like this?! Anyway, Brit-Brit really made it big with this, debuting at number 1!

8. Destiny's Child -> Christina Aguilera -> Kelly Clarkson ('Miss Independent')
These girls like to play catch or something like that. After turndowns from the female trio and the 'dirrty' Christina, American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson finally got the chance to sing this...and boy did she sing it!

7. Celine Dion -> Aerosmith ('I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing')
Are you kidding me!?!?! This was ment for Celine Dion?..I'll pas on this one; Aerosmith just did it awesome.

6. Leona Lewis -> Beyonce ('Halo')
How the hell can one be too busy to record 'Halo'? At least they say that this is the reason Leona turned down this for...great catch, Bey!

5. Michael Jackson -> Justin Timberlake ('Rock Your Body')
Haha, do you really see Michael Jackson performing this in his curent state? The track was meant for his comeback album. Thank God it got into the hands of Justin!

4. Pink -> Hillary Duff -> Kelly Clarkson ('Since U Been Gone')
Maybe this would've worked for Pink, but thanks to the rejection, Kelly got the attention she deserved, becoming a worldwide known singer. Hillary Duff...no freakin' way!

3. Shawna -> Kanye West ('Gold Digger')
Ok..first of all..I can't imagine this track being performed by a lady. Even if you change the lyrics it still won't do it. Kanye literally made it all the way to gold with this.

2. TLC -> Britney Spears ('Baby One More Time')
Way to go, TLC! You just favoured a career for this little teenager called Britney...No one does lip-syncing as funny as Britney in this vid. The R&B group wouldn't have done it so good..lol

1. Britney Spears -> Rihanna ('Umbrella')
??!?!?!?!!!?!?!? I can't help but be amazed. Britney was intended for 'Umbrella'? Get outta here...in ages she never would've done this track so big. Or maybe she would have but I still think Rihanna did it better..

Hey...where is the other Rihanna-winner? Looks like AOL just chose to do a little remember of another big passover..I'm talking about Christina Millian, who gave up 'S.O.S. (Rescue Me)', which ended up (again) as a Rihanna megahit!

Ah..so RiRi is the deff winner here...I guess the first intended singers are poking their eyes out for turning down such big chances! What do you think about this?

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