Black Eyed Peas 'Boom Boom Pow' Artwork

Category: By Mircea
So, seems like after all this is the official cover for the Peas' latest single, Boom Boom Pow. Some say the actual official cover is gonna out in the same time with the video and that these are just... I don't know... teasers.
Anyway, let be how it may, I declare myself pleased with offerings from the band these days. The track is set to go out for sale on iTunes on Monday and so far it's doing very good on radio charts. Also, here is the promotional picture of the 4 members, that showed up a while ago, but I simply forgot to post because of the excitement of making it my
Can't wait to see the vid and hear more from them... oh.. and Happy Birthday to Fergie for yesterday. She is now 34 y.o. And also a happy birthday to Will, who also turned 34 on March 15th!


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