Britney Spears - Radar [possible new single]

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Unofficial sources claim that the 4th single pulled off 'Circus' might be none other than Radar. Maybe this is the actual reason it's been posted as a bonus track on the latest material and appeared on the standard edition of Britney's 'Blackout'.
Anyway, this is weird. I mean, in the 'Blackout' era there was another rumour that this was going to be an upcoming single, but it all fell apart. And after all, not all 'Circus' buyers get to enjoy radar, being only on the Deluxe Edition. Still, it would be a good choice for a single..up-tempo, really pop-ish... but what about those ballads like 'Unusual You' or 'Out From Under' which would also make great hits.
We'll wait and see. What do you think of Radar?

Hate it or love it?

Radar - Britney Spears

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