Love Her, Hate Her, but you gotta like her album! ['Circus' review]

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Britney's album leaked today! Yoohoo! What amazing tracks :X. I won't post'em up for download 'cause I don't wanna get shut down. But down low you have a full album review and a link for each track so you can hear it in its entirely.

1. Womanizer - What more can we say about it? It's brilliant and it has been a great comeback for the pop diva. Rating: Addictive
2. Circus - The official second single off the album. Great track. I can already see Brit-Brit pull off a sick dance for this. Rating: Addictive dance-mania!
3. Out From Under - A totally different side of the singer. No auto-tune, just pure natural voice. Very teary ballad but still, very good song.
4. Kill The Lights - The second track to leak from the album is a sick dance club joint. It's genius. 'You don't like her, she doesn't like you' Addictive.
5. Shattered Glass - I think I was expecting more from this. Not exactly like the other tracks from the album, but still worth to have it's name written on the cover.
6. If U Seek Amy - This is my personal favorite. Damn, this one really is pure genius, concerning everything. Very brilliant lyrics and title: If U Seek Amy (f.u.c.k. me). The beat is also sick. Hope it ends up being a single. Rating: Very, very addictive!
7. Blur - Another ballad-like track. I'm starting to enjoy it more and more. A little bit up-tempo comparing to 'Out From Under'. Worth a listen.
8. Mmm Papi - Another catchy tune. It just gets you dancing no matter what. Good song. Rating: Not so addictive...but still good.
9. Lace and Leather - This kinda sounds like the old Britney combined with Madonna's and Kylie's music style. Not one of the highest points of the album. Maybe after a few listens it will catch up.
10. My Baby - Nice ballad. Kinda reminiscent of 'Everytime' which was a huge hit. Who knows..maybe this one has the same potential. Deff worth to wait and see.
11. Rock Me In - Yeah! Dance, dance, dance like crazy. She just keeps coming up with these crazy dance hits. Nice rhythm to it. Rating: Addictive!
12. Phonography - This is kinda of a lingering song. Just go on the floor and grind as much as you can. Sexy tune...I like the modified voice here, it fits very good. The song could've been better.
13. Amnesia - I like this one. There's something about it that just makes the chorus very listenable. Great job, Britney. Nice song with a relaxing approach.
14. Radar - One of 'Blackout' unreleased tracks. Again, the vocoder voice sounds good on this beat. Again, a danceable track. It's kinda like a girl chasing boy game.
15. Mannequin - My 2nd favorite track. It's amazing. Just dance off as much as you can on this. The beat is S.I.C.K. I love it. Great track. Rating: Addictive!
16. Unusual You - The 3rd ballad off the album. Blended perfectly between all these club joints. Nice track, gets you in a nice state of mind with the slow jam rhythm. you can see, lots of addictive tracks on the album and almost all of them are perfect candidates for a future single. I sure hope they squeeze this album out as much as possible. Notice the lack of auto-tune on some tracks. We get to hear a more confident Britney, after all that she's been through and it really sounds good on those ballads. Oh..and I also hope that 'Mannequin' & 'If U Seek Amy' will have a strong say in the near future.
Go and buy your copy on December 2nd!
Hate it or love it?

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