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English: Beyonce was one of the special guests from SNL (Saturday Night Live) last night. She performed her 'If I Were A Boy' single and offered the first full 'Single Ladies' performance. Just one word: amazing! Just listen to her singing and just watch the way she moves. She just touched the right spot. It was faboulous.
And not only did she sing, she was also part of a small act from the show, which parodies her women-anthem video. It's HILARIOUS! I repeat: HILARIOUS! Justin Timberlake is so damn funny. The whole scene killed me. You can watch the whole act down low and also the 'Single Ladies' performance. I guarantee you'll love both of 2 diff ways..but you'll still like 'em. =D
Hate them or love them?

Watch: Beyonce Skit @SNL (sorry that it's backwards but it was the only one they left on the internet)

Romana: Beyonce a fost aseara invitat special la SNL (Saturday Night Live) aseara. A interpretat single-ul 'If I Were A Boy' si pentru prima oara 'Single Ladies' in intregime. Un singur cuvant: genial! Doar ascultati-o cum canta si felul in care se misca. A facut totul cum trebuia. A fost super-tare.
Si pe langa faptul ca a cantat, a si participat la o mica sceneta ce parodia unul din videoclipurile ei. A fost mult prea amuzanta si mult prea tare toata faza. Justin Timberlake a fost si el criminal. Eu am ras intr-una. Mai sus aveti intreaga sceneta, iar jos interpretarea 'Single Ladies'. Va garantez eu ca o sa va placa amandoua. 2 feluri total diferite...dar o sa va placa :D


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  1. Ramonne 16 noiembrie 2008, 14:55
    bai deci am ras cu lacrimi =)))) justin e bestial =)) ji mi`a plct faza cu beyonce imitandul p elvis presley l sf =)) kterink :))
  2. Roxy 16 noiembrie 2008, 16:51
    cata energie are fata asta :D

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