Hilarious! =))

By Mircea
English: My blog is not at all about soap operas or stars from soap operas or anything like that. But when I saw this picture I said to myself: 'This is a must post!'.
I just can't stop laughing =)). I'm laughing my guts out =)). This is the 'Melrose Place' star Heather Locklear. She was reportedly arrested 2 days ago for weird back and forth driving over some glasses on the street or smth like that and than making a scene. But the reason is not important...at all. Just look at this mugshot =))..I can't hold it back =))

Romanian: Blog-ul meu nu e de niciun fel despre telenovele din astea americane sau despre actorii lor sau despre ceva macar apropiat de ele. Dar cand am vazut posta, mi-am zis ca trebuie sa vi-o arat.
Deci pur si simplu nu ma pot opri din ras =)). Vedeta din 'Melrose Place', Heather Locklear a fost arestata acum 2 zile pentru condus aiurea peste o pereche de ochelari dus-intors si dupa a facut scandal. Dar motivul nu e important...deloc! Doar uitati-va la poza=))...Mor=))

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