Ciara Live @ Saturday Night Live

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Another artist out promoting it's recent effort is r&b vixen
Ciara. With her 'Fantasy Ride' LP out since a few days ago, she's now going all over and performing.

Last night she was on Saturday Night Live, where she performed 'Never Ever' and 'Love Sex Magic' together with wonder boy Justin Timberlake.

Justin was one of the special guests on SNL, making the latter performance a great one.
I'm gonna judge what I'm seeing as a fan of CiCi that's wondering whether to buy 'FR' or not. My verdict: I'm deff buying this one! The girl did a fantastic job with this two performances. Great vocals and especially great moves. Hands down for an amazing show... she is really selling her material the right way! Good job lady!

Random: If JT seems a little stiff behind the keyboard just think about the fact that Jessica Biel was there keeping a close eye on

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