Ne-Yo - Part of the List [video]

Category: By Mircea
Who: Ne-Yo
What: Part of the List [video]
Album: Year of the Gentleman

Another video released today is Ne-Yo's Part of the List. This is the 4th single pulled off his succesful album 'Year of the Gentleman' and the second ballad to be promoted. Hopefully it will be more succesful 'cause it deff deserves a good chart run.

The vid is just superb. From the message to the way they captured the whole thing is just great. The story is followed in little bits, with very much attention paid to, apparently, insignificant details that end up being the creme of the whole thing. The finale is very interesting and hopefully we'll see a 'part 2' in one of his next singles.
Ah... I don't think I should mention once more that the track is just fabolous!

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