Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow [video]

Category: By Mircea
Who: The Black Eyed Peas
What: Boom Boom Pow [video]
Album: The E.N.D [out June 9th]

The video for Boom Boom Pow is finally out!!! Wow... great concept, I really like the idea of it and it shows that they're truly an inovative and free-minded band, who like to bring all these new stuff in music.
Could've been a little bit better, but still, it's their first video after a 4 year hiatus and I just love it! I've been wating for this for too long to feel disappointed. Need I to mention that Fergie Ferg looks absolutely stunning?!?! They got that future flow... just let the beat rock!

Great vid...

Hate it or Love it?


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  1. Ramonne 19 aprilie 2009, 14:39
    It`s electrifying @-) I absolutely love them :X

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