Omarion - Think My Girl Is (Ay Ay) [new track]

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Who: Omarion
What: Think My Girl Is (Ay Ay) [new track]

As Omarion works on his new album, more tracks are popping up on the internet. This here is one of the cuts from his upcoming material. The track is called Think My Girl Is (Ay Ay) and I strongly advice you to give it a listen and then you'll want to hear it more and more. Simply 'cause of its fun production and up-tempo beat.

To put it straight, his girlfriend is a lesbian and is spotting hotties faster than him =)). The message is also fun and I bet you that if this would be a single, it would sure be a hit.

I've been waiting his comeback for a long time and if this is one of his offerings I am now even more eager to hear his entire work. Expect heavy promotion for him around here.

So...what about 'Think My Girl Is (Ay Ay)'?

Hate it or Love it?


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