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Esmee Denters is an upcoming Dutch artist, best known for her YouTube videos, where she used to cover many famous songs. She was noticed in August 2006 and since then, her career is heading North with no sign of stopping anywhere low.
In 2007, her manager arranged so that she would personally meet Justin Timberlake. She was immediately signed to his record company, Tenman Records and she was selected to open for Justin in 10 venues throughout Europe, being the first artist ever to jump from YouTube star-wannabe to performing on a major stage.
She was also invited on Oprah's show, on a special edition dedicated to the upcoming internet stars. In the summer of '09 she will go on tour with Alesha Dixon & Enrique Iglesias. She already recorded a duet with Justin, called Follow My Lead and also, her first official single was announced. It's called Outta Here, and the music video was shot on March 25th.

Personally, I don't consider her to be a huge talent. And I don't get how one gets to meet JT and sign his record company straight from the status of wanna-be. I guess it was her break... maybe she won't be that big, but considering that her tunes 'til now are catchy and she can handle a live show, maybe we'll get to hear more from her.

I've posted the JT duet and her first single? What do you think?

Hate them or Love them?


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  1. Ramonne 31 martie 2009, 18:19
    seamana perfect la voce cu cineva... daca nu ma insel chiar cu Kat DeLuna? :-? :)) nu canta rau.. dar nici "excruciatingly well:x" :)):D

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