Rihanna Police Pic....

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Is this real? =|

TMZ have exclusively obtained this photo from the police. We can clearly see RiRi beaten up real good. If you don't believe it's her, chech out the tatoo on her shoulder...that'll do it.
I guess that ruins my sidebar poll..lol. No, seriously now...what was Chris thinking? I mean, get in a fight but don't kill the girl..damn int..don't get in a fight at all!! Seeing this photo is shocking like hell. I personally never thought that something like this would ever go down for theme..it's too bad things like this happen.
And it is also a turning point in both their careers:

According to Billboard and ThatGrapeJuice, Rihanna's 'Good Girl Gone Bad' is up 31% (!) in Top200 and Chris' 'Exclusive' fails to even make it into the chart. Rihanna is definitely the winner here, and I see Chris Brown going nowhere but down, no matter his efforts. I think it would take a miracle for him to regain his top positions and for that 'nice boy' image to be stuck again in everybody's head!

Get well, Rihanna!

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