Britney 'If U Seek Amy' Official Cover

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This is the official artwork for Britney's latest single, If U Seek Amy. She looks good in this photo, but I expected something more daring, to match the song, something to really blow my mind...anyway...I guess this will work.
Her upcoming video might have its premiere somewhere next week and it promises to be a bang!

Meanwhile, other voices say that her 4th single might be 'Unusual You'. Nothing but a rumour, but still, it would be a little break from the streak of dance anthems...and it is a song that has some soul in it...

Down low you can listen to the radio edit of her curent single and to 'Unusual You' and also..what do you think about the artwork?

Hate it or love it?

If U Seek Amy (Radio Edit)

Unusual You


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