The Dream feat. Mariah Carey - My Love [new single]

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Who: The Dream feat. Mariah Carey
What: My Love [new single]
Album: Love & Money [out February 17th]
Song rating: 4/5

As The Dream is prepping his sophomore effort, diva Mariah Carey joins him on this brand new track, chosen to be the lead single, called My Love. Great slow-jam. I really like this guy, he's doing everything his way...his voice sets him apart from other hip-hop singers nowadays and I believe he can deliver and impose himself better than ever in the music industry as a singer, not only as a producer.
Nice job here, Mariah. I gotta say after a long time that I like her soft vocals here and the ad-libs are just powerful enough to still keep her going throughout the track.
Overall, nice song.
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  1. Roxy 11 ianuarie 2009, 02:53
    Love it! :X

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