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It's been a very busy period for me, thus the lack of updates these past few days. School things, lots of them..aargh..annoying.
Anyway, back to the music. Ciara had a great week about new material. Her album, 'Fantasy Ride' is set to be released on April 3rd, after being pushed back several times. With the date approaching more and more, the album is coming together pretty nice.
The lead single is Never Ever (feat. Young Jeezy). Even though it's not exactly first-single material, it has the potential of reaching the top 10 with a good video and enough promotion. Nice tune and Jeezy does it one more time!
Check out the track below.

Another leak was a short snippet of a track that featured Chris Brown, called Turn Me On. The beat and the lyrics are kinda thrown in there randomly, or at least that's the impression I get from the first listen. But, after we get to hear the entire track, without tags maybe it will work out.

And the last Ciara-material for today is Roll Call (feat. Lil Jon & Lil Wayne). Now this one I love! Great verse from Weezy..proves why he had such a great year in '08. Nothing official if it's going to be a future single...just another album track.

So..hate them or love them?

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