Watchmen [Justice is coming to all of us. No matter what we do]

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English: Watchmen might just be on of the most awaited movies of 2009. Based on a graphic novel, this movie has the potential of becoming a huge box-office hit! With a very interesting plotline, different from other superhero movies and a running time of over 2 hours, the movie is ment to get your attention.
When an ex-superhero is murdered, a vigilante named Rorshach begins an investigation into the murder, which begins to lead to a much more terrifying conclusion. Mainly, the story revolves around a group of super heroes that are taken down one by one for the ultimate plan of bombing the world with no one standing in the way. One of the taglines is: They're watching over us. But who's watching over them? Very inspired.
So, considering that it's not your average superhero flick, I strongly advise you to go watch this movie..well, when it comes out, that is March 6th =). you can watch the trailer down low.
Hate it or love it?

Romanian: Watchmen este probabil unul din cele mai asteptate filme ale lui 2009. Bazat pe un roman, filmul are potentialul de a deveni un urias succes la box-office. Cu o intriga interesanta, diferita de alte filme cu super-eroi si un timp de rulare de mai mult de 2 ore, e menit sa va atraga atentia.
Cand un fost super-erou este ucis, un aparator numit Rorschach incepe o investigatie, ajungand astfel la o concluzie terifianta. In principiu, povestea se invarte in jurul unui grup de eroi, care vor fi doborati unul cate unul; totul pentru scopul ultim de a ataca lumea fara ca nimeni sa stea in cale. Chiar si un titlu de prezentare spune: Ei au grija de noi. Dar de ei cine are grija? Foarte inspirat.
Deci, considerand ca nu este un film de 2 lei cu eori, te sfatuiesc sa te duci sa vezi filmul..bine..cand apare, adica prin aprilie la noi in tara :)). Mai jos poti viziona trailer-ul.


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