Splinter [It will get under your skin]

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English: This here is a brand new movie, that already premiered across the ocean: Splinter. The reason that I wanted to introduce it to you is the plot and the fact that it gets your attention with a cast never heard of. The story goes like this, according to IMDb: Trapped in an isolated gas station by a voracious Splinter parasite that transforms its still living victims into deadly hosts, a young couple and an escaped convict must find a way to work together to survive this primal terror.
If you've seen 'The Mist' then you'll definitely like this. I'm really looking forward to seeing it as I really am into horror movies and the main idea of the film with the intriguing plot that doesn't go where you'd expect is...well..intriguing. If you haven't seen it, I promise you that your money will be well spent. You can chek out the trailer below.
Hate it or love it?

Romanian: Am aici un film nou, care deja a avut premiera peste ocean: Splinter. Motivul pentru care vreau sa vi-l arat este intriga, poveste in sine si faptul ca reuseste sa faca valva cu niste actori foarte putin cunoscuti, sau de care n-am mai auzit. Povestea este, conform IMDb: Prinsi in preajma unei benzinarii izolate de un parazit bizar care-si transforma victimele, inca vii, in gazde mortale, un tanar cuplu si un condamnat evadat sunt nevoiti sa colaboreze pentru a scapa cat mai repede.
Daca ai vazut 'The Mist', atunci sigur o sa-ti placa. Chiar astept cu nerabdare sa-l vad tinand cont ca imi place genul horror si povestea pare interesanta prin prisma faptului ca se dezvolta altfel decat te-ai astepta. Nu stiu exact cand o sa aiba premiera la noi, dar pana atunci, mai jos poti viziona trailer-ul.


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