Usher - Hush [video]

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English: Another video that premiered these days is a brand new Usher video. It's not meant to be anything too commercial, just moral stuff. The song is called Hush and it's kinda touching.
Usher tells people what they were already supposed to know: to go out and vote, because it is their vote that can change the nation. Too many rich people complaining about small things, while other poor humans die of hunger and diseases because they don't have enough money to live a decent life. So you either do something or about it, or you just Hush!...'cause complaining doesn't get us nowhere. True video, deep message. Check it out.
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Romana: Un alt videoclip care a avut premiera zilele astea este cel mai nou videoclip al lui Usher. Nu e facut pentru a fi ceva foarte comercial...doar invataturi. Melodia se numeste Hush si e chiar emotionanta.
Usher le spune americanilor si nu numai ceva ce ei trebuiau deja sa stie: sa mearga sa voteze, pentru ca este votul lor care poate schimba starea natiunii. Prea multi oameni bogati se plang de lucruri prea mici, in timp ce aceia saraci mor din cauza foametei si a bolilor, pentru ca nu au destul bani sa traiasca si ei o viata decenta. Asa ca ori facem ceva in acest sens, ori mai tinem gura (hush)...pentru ca daca ne plangem de mila, nu ajungem nicaieri. Videoclip adevarat, mesaj profund. Uitati-va si voi.

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