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English: New Justin Timberlake music surfs the net these days. I've posted a snippet of a song possibly called 'Steppin' Out Tonight' which most probably be a track from JT's upcoming album, somewhere in Spring 2009. Sounds pretty good. Check it out.
Hate it or love it?

Romanian: Muzica noua din partea lui Justin Timberlake umbla pe net zilele astea. Am postat mai jos un snippet al unei melodii care cel mai probabil se numeste 'Steppin' Out Tonight' si e posibil sa fie o piesa de pe viitorul album, ce va aparea in primavara lui 2009. Suna destul de bine. Ce credeti?

English: Another big artist teases us with its future projects. A snippet which belongs to Rihanna, called 'Sexuality' has leaked. Produced by Stargate, it has their typical beat and Riri's voice to match. Maybe it's just a demo or something 'cause I'm not feelin' this too much.
Hate it or love it?

Romanian: Un alt mare cantaret se joaca cu imaginatia noastra. Un snippet ce apartine Rihannei, 'Sexuality' a ajuns pe net. Produsa de Stargate, piesa are beat-ul lor tipic si vocea lui Riri pentru o potrivire perfecta. Sper ca e doar un demo pentru ca momentan nu ma incanta prea mult. Ce credeti?



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