Hillary Duff - Reach Out

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English: Reach Out is Hillary Duff's new single, pulled off her album 'Best Of Hillary Duff', set to be released in Europe on Nov. 10th. It's a nice dance-pop song. If it sounds familiar, learn that it samples 'Personal Jesus' (Depeche Mode). The official unremixed track premiered yesterday, October 3rd, on YouTube. What do you think about it?

Romanian: Reach Out este noul single al lui Hillary Duff, extras de pe albumul 'Best Of Hillary Duff', ce va fi lansat in Europa pe 10 noiembrie. E o melodie dance-pop care suna destul de bine. Daca va suna familiar, aflati ca foloseste sample din 'Personal Jesus' (Depeche Mode). Piesa oficiala, neremixata a avut premiera ieri, 3 octombrie, pe YouTube. Ce credeti?

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