Brandy New Album Cover

Category: By Mircea
English: The cover of Brandy's new album has just been released for the masses. It looks normal, nothing special. Her face lightens up the whole picture. The album 'Human' is set to hit stores on Nov. 11th and collaborations with Natasha Bedingfield, Keri Hilson, Taio Cruz, have already been announced. Below is her latest video: Right Here (Departed). Check it out.

Romanian: A fost data publicitatii coperta noului album al lui Brandy. Arata normal, nimic special. Fata ei mai da viata cat de cat pozei. Albumul 'Human' va fi lansat pe 11 noiembrie si pe el au fost deja anuntate colaborari cu astisti ca Natasha Bedingfield, Keri Hilson, Taio Cruz. Mai jos aveti cel mai recent videoclip al artistei: Right Here (Departed). Ce parere aveti?


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