Crazy Loop - Despre tine cant [About You I Sing]

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English: I give you Crazy Loop. You might know him. Let me refresh your mind. He was one of the guys from the band called O-Zone, with the famous 'Dragostea din tei' ('The Linden Tree Love'). Now that you know who he is, I'm gonna show you his third single off his first solo album 'The Power of Shower'.
After parting ways with his bandmates he decided to go on a solo career, which is working very good for him, especially here in Europe, where he's climbing up the charts with his first 2 singles: Crazy Loop and Johanna (Shut Up). Despre tine cant (About You I Sing) is his next single, completely in romanian. It's a nice love song and I hope you like it 'cause this guy can do it big. What do you think?

Romanian: Crazy Loop are un nou videoclip. Nu stiu cand a aparut, nu stiu cand l-a anuntat. L-am gasit din intamplare :)). Suna bine. Nu ma asteptam sa mai aiba piese bune de promovat de pe album. Chiar sunt surprins. Piesa se numeste 'Despre tine cant (partea a 2-a)'. Un fel de continuare de la 'Despre tine'. Se si observa influentele de pe vremea trupei. Mie personal imi place si videoclipul se prezinta chiar bine. E simplu si la obiect. Ce credeti?


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