Ciara feat. T-Pain - Go Girl [video]

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English: Ciara's brand new video premiered yesterday, Oct. 7th. And man, was the waiting worth. After a lot of teasers we get to see the final version and it's actually kinda cool. Although I'm not that convinced on the track, the video looks good. It's an artistic video obviously. And man...can this girl dance.
Go Girl (feat. T-Pain) is the first single off her latest yet-to-be-released album, 'Fantasy Ride'. Why does T-Pain have to be on every friggin' track lately? Not that I'm upset by Anyway...check out the futuristic video and let me know what you think. =D

Romanian: Cel mai nou videoclip al Ciarei a avut premiera ieri, 7 octombrie. Si pot sa spun ca a meritat asteptarea. Dupa mai multe teasere si poze de la filmari, vedem in sfarsit produsul finit si arata chiar bine. Desi nu ma omor complet dupa piesa in sine, videoclipul se prezinta destul de bine. Este, clar, un videoclip de imagine. Si tipa chiar poate sa danseze. :))
Go Girl (feat. T-Pain) este primul single extras de pe viitorul album 'Fantasy Ride'. Trebuie T-Pain sa fie pe toate piesele in ultimul timp. Nu ca m-as supara din cauza Pana una alta, aruncati un ochi la acest videoclip futuristic si spuneti-mi ce credeti. :D


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