Wassabi - Lonely Girl [video]

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English: Here we have a rising romanian band, named Wassabi. 4 girls with nice voices and dance skills put together: Lora, Lisa, Mona, Vero. Until now they have released 2 official videos that I liked a lot and participated at different competitions. This here is their brand new single/video for the song named Lonely Girl (feat. Sonny Flame). The video premiered on the website of the Radio 21 radio station.
I would really like to hear your opinion about these girls since I like there music very much..so tell me what you think about the song and the video =D

Romanian: Fetele de la Wassabi au lansat ieri pe site-ul Radio 21 videoclipul piesei Lonely Girl (feat. Sonny Flame). Este un videoclip de imagine, realizat de Marius Moga...si se prezinta destul de bine per total. Melodia este super tare...daaaar, tinand cont de faptul ca melodia a aparut cam pe la inceputul verii (deci acum vreo 4 luni) si videoclipul de-abia acum, parca ar fi trebuit ca asteptarea sa merite mai mult in ceea ce priveste videoclipul. In fine, sper sa aiba succes, chiar si cu lansarea asta tarzie, pentru ca e o piesa care suna chiar bine! Ce credeti?


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  1. Anonim 22 septembrie 2008, 16:13
    on radio 21 the video looks diffrent :) better they changed the ending and they added some special effects.so ..update your video. the girls are amazing the song is great and the video is really good .

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