Beyonce Delay

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English: Rumors on the internet have it that Beyonce's double release from Oct. 7th has been pushed back until October, only a week later. The late release for her upcoming singles 'If I Were a Boy' & 'Single Ladies' is caused by the fact that her and her management want to give her ex-band collegue, Michelle Williams, a good start on her solo project. Michelle's solo album, Unexpected, is set to drop Oct. 7th. So i think this is a good thin to do, since Beyonce is clearly going to be succesful and it's very nice that Michelle has some time to do her thing meanwhile. All the best to her!

Romanian: Zvonurile pe internet spun ca lansarea dubla a lui Beyonce s-a amanat de pe 7 octombrie, pana pe 14 octombrie..deci, doar o saptamana mai tarziu. Aceasta amanare a urmatoarelor ei single-uri 'If I Were A Boy' & 'Single Ladies' se datoreaza faptului ca ea si managementul ei doresc ca fosta colega, Michelle Williams, sa aiba un start bun in cariera solo. Albumul lui Michelle, Unexpected, va fi lansat pe 7 octombrie. Cred ca e bine ce se intampla, din moment ce Beyonce o sa aiba succes orice ar fi si e bine ca Michelle are timp sa spuna si ea ce are de de alta...da' chiar merita. :D


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