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English: This week a new record has been broken in the Billboard hot 100. Rapper T.I.'s Whatever You Like took a huge 70 spot leap from number 71 to the top of the chart! That's amazing. The artist declares himself as "Ecstatic" and "Overjoyed". It's the first single from his next album Paper Trail and he says: "I guess people like the song. I hope that's what accounts for it." The album comes out on Sept. 30 and T.I. plans to go on tour for promotion right after he finishes filming for the movie 'Bone Deep', co-starring Chris Brown, Jay Hernandez, Matt Dillon. I have the video posted so tell me what you think.

Romanian: Saptamana asta un nou record a fost doborat in Billboard hot 100. Melodia lui T.I., Whatever You Like a sarit 70 de locuri, de pe 71 pana in varful clasamentului! Asta da @-). Artistul se declara ca fiind "extaziat" si "cat se poate de bucuros". E primul single de pe albumul Paper Trail si declara: "Cred ca oamenilor le place melodia. Sper ca asa se explica." Albumul va fi lansat pe 30 septembrie iar T.I. planuieste sa porneasca intr-un turneu de promovare imediat dupa filmarile la 'Bone Deep', in care mai joaca Chris Brown, Matt Dillon si Jay Hernandez. Mai jos aveti videoclipul.


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