Wyclef Jean feat. Shakira - The Border [new track]

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Who: Wyclef Jean feat. Shakira
What: The Border [new track]

The 'fantastic duo' reunite once more for what I hope to be a future single. This time, Wyclef is the main star on the track called The Border. It's not known yet if it's a new track or a leftover from a previous album or recording.
What we do know is that it's been produced by Timbaland. And the moment couldnt've been better. If this is actually a new single, it will deff tip the charts as a summer hit. And, even though I don't think that it'll manage to surpass the hype and success of 'Hips Don't Lie', it still has a nice party-jam vibe to it, which is enjoyable.

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shakira the border
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