D. Woods - Legalize Me [new single]

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Who: D. Woods
What: Legalize Me [new single]
Album: Independence Day Vol. One [TBA]

D. Woods, former Danity Kane member, is now on her way of pursuing a solo career. After the massive break-up that Diddy turned into a publicity stunt, the black singer decided to follow her own road. Thus, she is most likely going to release a first album, called 'Independence Day Vol. One' somewhere near the end of '09.

Legalize Me is the first official single pulled off this material. I'm really not feeling it... I mean, it's a very mediocre song, compared to other offerings on the music scene nowadays and her voice doesn't help too much, not having a very strong tone. Anyway, the vid has already been shot and you can watch a short 'On the Set' footage here.

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D. Woods - Legalize Me
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