Brandy - Back & Forth [new track]

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Who: Brandy
What: Back & Forth [new track]

Back & Forth is a brand new Brandy track, that recently leaked all over the net. The songstress is currently working on her sixth studio album, set for release somewhere in the fall of '09. This song was produced by Eric Hudson, one of many top producers lined up for the next LP. The likes of Ne-Yo, Stargate & The Game have already been announced. In other news, Brandy is reportedly planning an album with brother Ray J, tentatively titled 'R&B', but it's nothing sure.

This is a great track! I just love Brandy and the power and fresh force she has on every album and song. I'm felt so sorry for her after 'Human' failed to chart for longer period of time. But she declared that it was a too personal album and that's why it didn't do very good, in spite of great reviews and 'Right Here' wasn't even meant to serve as a lead single!

Anyway... what do you think about 'Back & Forth'?

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brandy - back & forth
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