Keri Hilson - Trojan Man [new track]

Category: By Mircea

Who: Keri Hilson
What: Trojan Man [new track]

This here is a newly leaked Keri Hilson track. It didn't make the final cut on her debut album, 'In A Perfect World...', which currently isn't doing too well with sales, dropping to 15 this week on Billboard 200.

It's an up-tempo track, with a nice beat to it. I don't get why they left it out. Some think the song isn't all that great, some like it (count me in) and the least you can say about it is that it shouts out a very important message to all youngsters these days: safe sex... yeah, you heard it right, that's what it promotes. In a slick way, but still... at least it does something good... lol.

Check it out!

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