Flo Rida - On & On [video]

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Who: Flo Rida
What: On & On [video]
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Flo Rida
premiered a brand new video these days, for the track On & On. No word on where the song is from, if it's an old or new recording, if it's been left out from one of his albums or if it's produced for someone else. Anyway, the YouTube description says that this is an official video... so... I really dunnow.

It's not all that great, it just looks like a collage made of some of Flo's big moments on the music scene. And not to ruin the pattern, he's using another sample. This time, from a track you might call not that old. It's Eamon's On & On... remember him?... he was the one that said 'f**k it' one too many times... lol.

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