BoA feat. Sean Garrett - I Did It For Love [video]

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Who: BoA feat. Sean Garrett
What: I Did It For Love [video]
Album: BoA

South Koreean singer, BoA, has just released her second video in her attempt to conquer the U.S. Teaming up with Sean Garrett, here comes the vid for the latest single pulled off 'BoA', I Did It For Love.
The song itself sounds good and it's worth listening, but the video is far from perfect. First of all, I love the fact that the girl is a great dancer, but let the people see that. Don't dress her all black and make the background black too and hope for a relaxed watch. At moments, the dancing and the setting merge as one and it's kinda to tell all the moves. Deff lacking inspiration when choosing the scenery.
And also, is it just me... or does the ending strike a resemblance with RiRi's 'Umbrella'?... lol

Hate it or Love it?


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