Pussycat Dolls perform 'Jai Ho' live!

Category: By Mircea
The all-girl group Pussycat Dolls performed last night for the very first time, Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny!), live, on Jimmy Fallon's show! Wearing some indian inspired costumes, they delivered a great performance..from the clothes, to the dancing and the singing it all went smooth.

Still, I would have some things to complain about. For starters, if the other girls won't even sing, at least don't give them mics, like in 'Bottle Pop'. And a little bit more work on the show itself might give them a boost. But still, being the first performance ever, I give them credit for pulling it off so well. The look like they are having lots of fun performing those Indian moves.

Update: The official video is set to have its premiere on March 21st, so be sure to check in!


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