The Never Ending Rihanna - Chris Brown Love Story!

Category: , By Mircea the fight and the reconciling weren't enough to give us something to think about, the two decided to score by playing off different scenes this past week.

To start off, they are both recording a love duet! Imagine that...! TMZ reports that the late night sessions they were both heading to were for recording a love song that would show how much they love each other. Polow Da Don originally produced the trach for Rihanna, but decided it would be better to make them record it now, as their true feelings cam come out. Sources say that they were 'playfully touching' one another and enjoying the time spent together.

Next up, Rihanna finally participated at her 21st birthday bash in NYC. She was seen exiting a club at 4:00 am, with no Chris in sight. That is because mainly her reps don't want them to be seen hanging together, so her career wouldn't be destroyed... exactly the opposite of what Brown's reps think.

Chris Brown decided to pull his name out of the Kids' Choice Awards. Now this I admire him for... I mean, all those children have already heard about the scandal, but with still in the contest, he would've been a very negative example right in the middle of the show... so, I applaud him for that!

And now the last news for the day, but deff not the last to come for this month... I guess you already heard that the woman behind the text message that triggered the fight was actually Tina Davis, Brown's ex-manager, with which he was involved at the age of 16! No need to say that this side of the story has been denied too many times already until today. works in misterious!

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