Jesse McCartney - How Do You Sleep [official video]

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Who: Jesse McCartney feat. Ludacris
What: How Do You Sleep [official video]
Album: Departure: Recharged [out April 7th]

This is the official video for Jesse's latest single, How Do You Sleep (feat. Ludacris). The vid that was first released and contained captures from his concerts was not the official version (thankfully).
I think that too much time is passing from one hit to another when it comes to Jesse. I mean..his album, 'Departure', was an extremely underrated material..he should've promoted it more. To me, he's kind of like a new JT; he's all grown up and he should be treated as a mature singer/songwriter.
Anyway..this single is the revised version of the original song, by inviting Ludacris on the track. It is also the first track to be pulled off the album 'Departure: Recharged', set for release on April 7th. It will feature 4 brand new songs, including this remix. I'm hoping that this time he will get the right treatment from radio stations and critics alike.

About the vid..nice idea. I'd really love to go on that
Check it out...

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