Enrique Iglesias feat. Sarah Connor - Takin' Back My Love [video]

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Ok..so this is supposed to be the European version of Enrique Iglesias' single Takin' Back My Love. It features singer Sarah Connor, which I totally prefer over Ciara, at least in this song. To me, it sounds way better with her on it.

And now let's talk about the video. Shitty editing!!! No really...if you can't get Enrique and Sarah in the same place to shoot a video at least edit a new version with only the two them after they shot their parts separately!
Here's how the story goes..Ciara is again the love interest of Enrique, but Sarah is CiCi's spokes-person or something..at least that's the only way I'm able to get this stupid re-edit. It really doesn't impress me at all that they managed to recreate the background. Show the artist some respect...he's putting her soul into this!

Your turn to spill it out...

Hate it or love it?

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  1. Linda 7 martie 2009, 21:39
    I was really looking forward to a whole new video with Enrique and Sarah. This is not at all what I expected.
  2. Mircea 8 martie 2009, 14:25
    Tell me about it...really pisses me of that this happened

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