The Dream feat. Mariah Carey - My Love [video]

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Who: The Dream feat. Mariah Carey
What: My Love [video]
Album: Love Vs. Money it seems like The Dream chose this specific day to release hot new material. Don't know exactly why, but hey, can't say I'm mad or something 'cause he sure is delivering.

This here is the official video for the Mariah Carey featured track, My Love, off of his album 'Love Vs. Money' set to drop this week. The video is not amazing, nor horrific. Something like..I would say...mediocre. MC finally changes her looks and steps out of those baby clothes (after all she's 40 y.o.). The track is cool though...a nice slow-jam and The Dream is just doing it big this period. He's fantastic! I love everything he writes/sings/raps...

What do you think about the vid?

Hate it or love it?


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  1. Roxy 9 martie 2009, 20:33
    me love it

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