Day26 feat. Diddy & Yung Joc - Imma Put It On Her [new single]

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Who: Day26 feat. Diddy & Yung Joc
What: Imma Put It On Her [new single]
Album: Forever in a Day [out April 14th]

Day26 are back! After their massive hit debut album, they are now set to release a sophomore effort, named simply 'Forever in a Day', on April 14th. So glad I'm hearing new stuff from them =D

The first official single is Imma Put It On Her (feat. Diddy & Yung Joc). Great really promises to make it big and keep their position on the music scene. The only bad thing about this is Diddy. Why the hell does he have to be everywhere?!?! Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of him, but on this he really ruins it, he slows down the tempo too much. The least they can do is get him some new lyrics..damn. Anyway, the rest sounds great.

Hate it or love it?


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