Ciara & Britney to Tour Together

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Great news! Ciara is set to tour with miss Britney on the European leg of the 'Circus' tour. I can't help but wonder how the hell can the organizers afford to bring such huge opening acts and risk so much. I mean, until now, the Pussycat Dolls have made a bang in the US, while opening for BritBrit and some Spears fans that went to see her in concert admited that the Dolls were way better with their performance and really lit up the stage comparing to the 'Circus' singer.
The same thing is meant to happen here, with Ciara always delivering great shows! We'll just wait and see what happens. Nonetheless, the show promises to be amazing with big names and acts like this.

In other news, CiCi's 'Fantasy Ride', an album pushed back way too many times, has now been pushed forward and the official release date is May 5th. Things are definitely starting to work smooth for her.

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