Britney On 'Circus' Tour!

Category: By Mircea
Britney Spears is finally back on tour after a 4-year long hiatus! Her 'Circus' Tour started last night in New Orleans. Great show..everything was planned 'til there was no place left for errors! Word has it she could be heard singing and from what I'm seeing on the web, her dancing wasn't as tough and amazing, but instead she actually performed live, even if over the pre-recorded track!
Let be even this minor detail, it was a fantastic show. Ligts, illusionists, costumes, performance, cheering fans, excitement and Britney!..these were just few of the ingredients that completed a picture many have waited so long to see!
The Pussycat Dolls were the opening act and even the Britney fans loved them, saying they looked and sounded amazing and they managed to entertain the crowd and give them that energy that was later going to be poured out while screaming to BritBrit's tracks!
Britney is definitely back!

Down low, you have some exclusive pics, courtesy of MTV, fansite BreatheHeavy and also some fan-made videos!


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