Breaking News: Rihanna - Chris Brown Scandal!!!

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Thanks to
ThatGrapeJuice, I now have the posibility to offer you more information about the pre-grammy Chris Brown on Rihanna assault.
I guess the anchor-man says it all. If those facts are actually the real deal, then I am deff out of words. I can't believe what I'm hearing. Right now I'm starting to wonder how in the world did they get back together.
Chris was a real piece of a** for doing this. Sorry for this, but no matter the reasons, you just don't do that kind of thing to a girl and you don't talk to her like that.
The case is now getting more and more serious, as days go by, even after more than a month passed from the shocking incident. To give Chris the benefit of the doubt, for his sake, I would say he was high or something like that when it all happened.

And now, according to ConcreteLoop, Chris Brown appeared in court, together with his lawyer, Mark Geragos, on the morning of Thursday, March 5th. Brown was officialy charged with two fellony assault charges! Until now, there has been a level one settlement between Rihanna and Chris, which means that he is not to “annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against her." A continuance has been requested by the accused side, for April 6th. The judge agreed and so the finale of this breaking story is nowhere near its end!

Given all this, I'll say it again..I'm really out of words to say. I never thought that the proportions of this terrific event would get so stuff and leads are uncovered as everyday goes by. So, really, we can't tell what the next month will bring for the saddened couple.
I can tell you this though: no more music from them for a while...


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