Beyonce New Singles: Ego & Broken-Hearted Girl

Category: By Mircea
Who: Beyonce
What: Broken-Hearted Girl & Ego [new singles]
Album: I Am... Sasha Fierce

After she was spotted a couple weeks ago shooting a new vid somewhere on a beach and two small clips of dance moves leaked on the internet, Beyonce finally decided to share her next 2 singles with her fans; and these are Broken-Hearted Girl off the 'I Am...' side and Ego off the ferocious 'Sasha Fierce'.

Good choices, although I don't know if they'll be spectacular hits. I mean, Broken-Hearted Girl is kinda too slow for everything out now and Ego will maybe score a few places on radio airplay and sales. Take for example her recent singles, which have been completely forgotten...'Halo' & 'Diva'...they didn't make a bang at all, they weren't promoted and they were thrown away.
For the record...she is going to shoot a video for every single track off this album, just like she did with B-Day.

In other news, Bee is starting her worldwide tour in a month. She already shot a promoting video for this. She's keeping herself very busy right now...but it's alright, as long the money flow keeps running down her stream.

What do you think about the new singles?

Hate them or love them?


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