Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara - Takin' Back My Love [video]

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Who: Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara
What: Takin' Back My Love [video]
Album: Greatest Hits

Takin' Back My Love (feat. Ciara) is the second single Enrique Iglesias released off his 'Greatest Hits' album. The video premiered yesterday. Just like most of the vids these days, it really doesn't leave you with that 'something special' feeling in the end. Anyway, the good thing about it is that it's trying to express the meaning of the song, which helps in a way to actually feel what they're trying to say.
They both look good. And even though the song really grew on me after watching Ray Kay's video, I have to say I don't think their voices match. I mean, at least here, Enrique has a very powerful voice, while CiCi gives a soft performance..maybe it's just me =)
Anyway..check out the vid and let me know what you think. And after, you can watch a live rendition of the song from a few days ago Live@Pro Bowl.
Hate them or love them?

Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara - Takin' Back My Love (Live@Pro Bowl)


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